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National Relief Network (NRN)

The National Relief Network is an organization committed to bringing large numbers of student volunteers to state and federally declared disaster areas for the purpose of helping families in their efforts to rebuild their homes, their communities and their lives.

Through our program, we have been able to and will continue to introduce volunteerism to thousands of teens and adults who will make volunteering a part of their lifestyles for decades to come.


National Relief Network (NRN)

NRN restores hope through rebuilding communities struck by natural disasters.

Community Service Division (CSD)

CSD focuses on restoring communities through eco-volunteerism and serving economically disadvantaged families.


All Donations go to benefit the National Relief Network programs and are tax-deductible.

The mission of the NRN-CSD is to offer student volunteers a broad spectrum of volunteer opportunities that focus on but are not limited to, assisting elderly or impoverished families to improve their lives while teaching the values of giving and enriching the lives of volunteers across America.

The NRN CSD is the alternative volunteer opportunities sector of the National Relief Network Family of Companies. We focus on offering a multitude of volunteer opportunities from helping economically disadvantaged families to extremely popular eco-volunteerism trips including coastal and wetlands restoration, helping to clear state and national trail systems, and rebuilding wildlife and marine animal habitats following disasters such as the BP oil spill where our volunteers replanted more than 125,000 cypress trees in the wetlands along coastal Louisiana.

Community Service Division (CSD)



Your generous donation to the National Relief Network helps our student volunteers bring much needed aid to families recovering from major natural disasters.  Families who are struggling to not only rebuild their homes but also their lives. Your donation will also help shape the future of our student volunteers.  Your support helps our student volunteers gain a clear understanding of what's important in life. They learn it's absolutely not the end of the world when texting won't work on their cell phone or when their "stupid" car won't start.  Students learn as long as family and friends are safe in the aftermath of a natural disaster the loss of a car, or a place of employment, or even a home is simply something that can be replaced.  They learn the most important stuff in life isn't stuff at all. They come to a clear understanding the most important thing in life...

is their family and friends.

So please, donate to the National Relief Network and not only bring aid to families struggling to overcome the devastation of natural disasters...but to also help instill a stronger character and thus a better future

for our student volunteers. 

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