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The National Relief Network (NRN) is an organization committed to bringing large numbers of volunteers to state and federally declared disaster areas for the purpose of helping families in their efforts to rebuild their homes, their communities, and their lives. We administrate volunteer relief programs for organizations such as churches, youth groups, corporations, colleges, universities and high schools. The NRN makes it possible for many organizations, who may not have the necessary resources or access to an organized group relief effort, to lend a helping hand. We make our resources available to any group who wants to stand up and make a difference. One volunteer said it quite nicely, "All of us have something we can contribute, for many it is hard work, for others, it may be equipment, funding, supplies, or even prayer. It takes all of us to pull together as one united team and do our part for the victims of these devastated areas."

The National Relief Network has no membership fees. The cost to each volunteer is a donation to the NRN for approximately fifty dollars per day. This donation covers transportation, accommodations, meals, a relief team T-shirt, and all disaster work coordination. Our Program has already become a phenomenal success. We are currently administrating volunteer disaster relief programs for more than sixty organizations and this number is growing.

The second goal of the National Relief Network is to make this volunteer experience available to as many people as possible. The cost for a church youth group member to attend a mission trip, which is similar to the program we offer, is $800.00 to $1,000.00. With the National Relief Network administrating their program, we are able to reduce their cost considerably. By keeping our volunteer cost as low as possible, we dramatically increase the number of volunteers able to travel to disaster areas. Also, these trips are very life-enriching experiences for teens as well as adults. By keeping our volunteer cost low, almost any person will be able to become a volunteer.

Everyone who takes advantage of this program wins. From the disaster victims who desperately need the help, to our volunteers, who always ask, when climbing aboard the bus to return home, "When are we coming back?"

Through our program, the National Relief Network will be able to introduce volunteerism to thousands of teens and adults who will make volunteering a part of their lifestyle for decades to come. Participants will learn that volunteering brings as much joy to the volunteer as it does to the people they are helping. Their volunteer efforts will not stop with the NRN but will continue locally with churches, schools, museums, hospitals, nursing homes, and with many other organizations and community events. They will not only bring improvements to other communities through their disaster relief efforts but in the long run, they will be improving their own.

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